Windshield Scratch Repair: Causes & Ways To Fix The Car Scratches


If there was a contest and people were made to vote to see which part of the car was most important, then the vote would surely favour windshields. Unfortunately, having a scratch on your vehicle’s windshield is extremely dangerous. It protects the people sitting in the car from incoming objects, but it also is the eye of the driver. Also not to forget, it is irritating because it obstructs the visibility of the driver and compromises the safety of passengers in the vehicle. And do you know which part is the worst of all? A windshield is one of the most common places that get scratches on the car.  So, in order to fix the issue of windshield scratches, car owners should understand the issue well and then fix the problem using a windshield scratch repair liquid or get them replaced if necessary.   

What Are Windshields Made Of?

If you ever get windshield scratches and want to fix them, then you need to know everything there is to know about the windshields. The main element that is used to create a windshield is laminated glass. Laminated glass provides the highest level of safety and protection against injuries and accidents. If you look at how the laminated glass is made and its structure, you will understand the reasoning behind its use in the windshields. The laminated glass comprises three layers, two layers of the glass are glass sheets, and one layer in the middle is vinyl. All three layers are combined using high heat and pressure in a specialized oven, also known as an autoclave.  

Thanks to the making structure of the windshield, whenever an object falls on the windscreen or damages it, only the outer layer bears the brunt of all the incoming things and creates scratches. And just for that reason, the car owners can effortlessly take care of the scratches without the need to replace the whole windshield of the car. 

The Causes Of Scratches On The Windshield

Now that we know how the windshields are made, it is time to understand the most common reasons behind the causes of scratches on the windshields. And several reasons might cause this kind of damage to the windshield. 

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Damaged Ice Scrapers

The first reason is the ice scrapers. You might not face this issue if you live in countries with high temperatures. However, if you live in cold or snowy regions, you must remove the ice from your windshields and all your windows every once in a while. This conduct, however, has ramifications. You can clean the windshield with ice scrapers. However, when worn and old, they could be the source of the scratches.

Debris On The Road

The primary factor is undoubtedly road debris. Stones, gravel, and other debris can scratch and harm the windshield of a car. The vehicles threw the pieces of road debris in front of you. To be more precise, when driving, the automobile in front of you will unintentionally trap the rocks on the road and throw them right at your car’s windshield.

Wiper Blades That Are not Working

Defective wiper blades are another source of scratches on the windshield. This frequently occurs when the glass is dry or when a small object, such as a pebble or a stone, is stuck beneath the blades. We can anticipate the windshield to be scratched and harmed over time due to carelessness and worn windshield wiper blades.

Mistakes While Cleaning 

Last but not least, a lack of or ineffective maintenance is an issue. When cleaning the windshields, a scratchy fabric, for instance, can damage them. As a result, you will require a cotton cloth or a gentle microfiber cloth to wipe and safeguard the windshield’s glass.


A Step By Step Guide On How To Check And Fix Your Windshield Scratches

Driving with a scratched windshield might make it very hard for the driver to see while driving. Sunlight reflects off the scratches, reducing visibility, and water can pool in the crevices, making it nearly impossible for your windscreen wipers to remove the liquid from the windshields entirely.

Although most mild scratches may very well be repaired with the right equipment, a glass repairing professional should fix more prominent scratches.

Step 1: Examine The Depth Of The Scratch With Your Fingernails.

Touch the scratched part of your windshield with your fingernail. Minor blemishes will feel flat, and your fingernail will not get entangled in a groove. If your fingernail is catching, you may just have a big scratch on your car’s windshield. Deep scratches should always be repaired as quickly as possible since they might get worse over time, possibly shattering your whole windshield. Windshield replacements can range from $200 to $1,000 based on the brand and model of your vehicle.

Step 2: Get A Windshield Scratch Repair Kit.

Visit Vehicle Fantasy to find the best windshield repair kit online. We prefer windshield scratch repair liquid since it is highly effective and includes a razor blade in the kit.

Tip: Start your task in a sheltered place with your car’s windshield temperature between 50°F and 75°F till the restoration is complete.

Step 3: Wipe Your Car’s Windshield And Rub It Down With The Solution.

To rid any dust or grime from your windshield, thoroughly rinse it with water and soap. Dry your windshield with a microfiber towel before using the Cerium Oxide rubbing solution.

When you are trying to fix a bull’s eye, chip, or star in your car’s windshield, the car windshield scratch repair kit includes an application device that uses suction to expel air from the repair spot, allowing the compound to be put on without the possibility of air pockets.


If you’re fixing a minor crack or scratch, apply the resin solution from the windshield scratch repair kit straight to the crack, beginning at one end. When you examine the scratches from a 45-degree angle, you will notice a darker region filled with the resin solution. If there are any remaining air pockets in the scratch of your windshield after 5-10 minutes, apply gentle force from the windshield interior to the edges and middle of the crack.

Retouch any minor surface blemishes surrounding the repair area.

Apply cure strips to the affected region.

Tip: Do not use toothpaste if you’re attempting to fix a star crack or a bull’s eye in your windshield. Although toothpaste’s abrasiveness is helpful for polishing out tiny scratches or engravings on the glass of the windshield, it is not a suggested solution for any other kinds of minor windshield repairs.

Step 4: Place Your Vehicle Under Direct Sunlight To Allow The Resin Solution To Cure.

After putting the curing strips, place your vehicle in broad sunlight to cure. You can also treat the resin solution with ultraviolet light exposure. It takes around 5-10 minutes for the resin solution to completely dry.

Take off the resignation strips. If the solution is still not completely dry, reapply the strips on the resin and allow the solution to sit for a prolonged period of time. If the resin has dried completely, scratch the solidified resin away with a razor blade from the kit at a 90-degree angle.

During this whole procedure, you do not have to use much force. As you scratch away any excess solution, it is common to observe white flakes.

When using glass cleaning products to remove scratches from the windshield, you must read and follow the instructions exactly to achieve a successful repair job. Otherwise, instead of eradicating one scratch, you may wind up with multiple tiny scratches. To make this process as simple and safe as possible, go to Vehicle Fantasy and purchase the windshield scratch repair kit, which contains a razor blade to aid you in this process. Along with this windshield scratch repair kit, we provide a variety of different car repair tools and accessories.

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