Super Absorbent Car Towel: Know All About It Here


A lot of us put off the work of cleaning our cars. Not cleaning the cars is a very unhygienic practice and can devalue the cost of our car. When you are cleaning your car, you should pay attention to it, as it keeps your car looking new and prevents any kind of damage to the interior and exterior of the car. Super absorbent car towels are among the most important supplies for automobile maintenance. But not all super absorbent towel are the same. Using a soft and gentle towel for your car is what you need to keep your precious car clean and keep them away from getting scratches on it.

You can look at our guide and learn how to get the best professional cleaning supply to your car and achieve a spotless and sparkling finish.  

What Are Velvet Cleaning Towels? 

The ultrafine fiber towel is a new kind of high-tech textile material that repels pollution and dust. The composition of this cleaning towel is a type of ultra-fine fabric made with an organic mixture of nylon and polyester. The organic ultrafine fiber towel has good air permeability, a strong capacity to absorb water, mildew resistance, easy cleaning, comfortable softness, and no hair loss.  

Here are some of the most popularly used car towels:

Velvet Towel 

This super absorbent towel is good for water absorption, leaving no stains and marks on your vehicle. This cleaning towel is the best because it leaves no hair residue or color marks. The velvet towel is an anti-mildew type article meaning it does not allow fungus or bacteria to grow. 

The exterior of these super absorbent towels is made from uniform fibers and is elastic, milky, and compact. The synthetic strands of fiber pose high strength and are made using a good knitting technique. The color of this towel is also elegant and double-sided; on one side, bright-looking yellow is used, and gray. The material is friendly and soft on the human skin. 


The cloth measurement is 11.8 x 15.7 (L x W) and is composed of a combination of nylon and polyester. It is made with a fine knit technique and is good for cleaning and drying your car. The thickness of these towels makes them perfect for cleaning off plastic, glass, leather, and paint. These cleaning cloths are used for general purposes, such as cleaning almost every car’s surface, starting from your steering wheel to your seats. 

The Vehicle Fantasy professional-grade super absorbent yellow velvet towel embodies these characteristics. These towels are essential for making chores easier, hassle-free and simplifying the cleanup process with their high performance. Furthermore, these towels also clean the water stains, debris, dirt, and dust very efficiently. This cleaning towel is crafted from the softest material, leaving no scratches on the mirror or paint of the car. The towel is also sufficiently big enough. 

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Fine Knit

Fine knit fabrics have many advantages, from their elasticity to their softness. Fine knit fabrics are good for moisture absorption. This moisture-absorbent towel fabric is made with single or double yarn looped together, making small pockets and openings for holding water inside. 

The fine knit pattern gives these towels the ability to stretch a lot. The absorbent yellow velvet towel ensures no scratches on your car and no towel residue left behind. These towels are lint-free and dry quickly. They are good for avoiding wet mark streaks on the glass and exterior of your car. 

Our website has the product that you are looking for. Our eCommerce store has these Absorbent Yellow Velvet towels that are not rough on your car; it turns stretchy and lint-free once you wash them. This product is available at an affordable price on the website. 

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Super Absorbent Car Towel

When choosing the velvet towel for your car, some aspects to keep in mind:

Choosing Quality Over Quantity 

Generally, velvet towels last for quite a long time, but only if used properly and cared for. There are a few rules to keep in mind when cleaning a velvet towel. Unsuitable cleaning of these velvet towels will damage them and their performance. 

Use Cold Water Only

While cleaning the towel, you should avoid using hot water as it may shrink the fabric. You should only use cold water and some mild detergent to clean the material to avoid damage. 

Do Not Use Any Type Of Bleach Or Fabric Softener.

This velvet towel attracts dirt and dust easily because the threads of the towel get charged easily. Dust and dirt contain negative charges, and velvet contains positive charges, and, as a result, the opposites attract. Using bleach lowers the positive charge of the towel and reduces its ability to clean the dirt and dust from the vehicle. Likewise, fabric softeners have a similar effect on the velvet cloth, but the only difference is that it reduces the towel’s ability to absorb water and dust. 

Do Not Use Heat

Velvet and heat are complete opposites; they do not go well together like water and oil. If you use heat or put it under direct sunlight, it will ruin the material of the towel. It also makes the towel harder on the car’s surface and is prone to leaving scratches. For dying these velvet towels, you should let them air dry, or if you can use a dryer, then use it on the lowest heat possible.

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