Best Car Steering Wheel Cover For Better Grip And Control


Steering is an important accessory that lets you control the car’s movement. And having a good grip over the steering makes driving easy. However, this car accessory becomes hard and stiff with time due to dust and bacteria. Thus, it becomes significant to protect it with a good car steering wheel cover

A cover for the steering wheel provides a good grip and adds a new look to your car. Need help finding a high-quality steering cover? Here, we suggest the best covers for your car’s steering as well as a step-by-step installation guide. But if you are still confused about whether a car steering wheel cover is a good investment or not, we are here to clean the air.

Why Do You Need A Cover For Your Car’s Steering Wheel?

The surface of the steering wheel is subject to friction at the time of driving. In addition, the steering without a cover is difficult to clean and slips from the hand easily. That’s why experts recommend using the car’s steering wheel cover for protection. When steering is left uncovered, various control buttons can become ineffective after a few years. And the whole repair process goes heavy on your pocket. 

Check the reasons for buying a cover for the driving wheel.

Provides Better Grip

If your steering keeps slipping from your hand while driving, you might need a good cover for it. It is a problem most drivers face, especially during the summer season. Due to sweat in your hands, you have lesser control over the driving wheel. As a result, there are huge chances of car disbalance. 

One of the easy ways to avoid such incidents is to use the cover for the steering wheel. These covers are designed to provide a firm grip in different seasons. Moreover, the material used in the cover easily soaks sweat and offers better control over driving.

Decorates Your Car’s Interior

The modern covers for the steering wheel are designed with frayed leather that brings a new look to the car’s interior. If you want to uplift your vehicle’s style, start with the driving wheel. You can select the cover for your car’s steering wheel according to the color of the car’s interiors. It adds glamor and style to the driving portion and reflects your personality. In addition, a stylish cover also attracts the attention of everybody to whom you offer a ride. 

Provides Protection

One of the major reasons to buy the cover for the steering wheel is protection. The driving wheel is the most used part of the car. A single sharp object can easily damage it. That’s why there is a need to protect it under all circumstances. Furthermore, your steering wheel is also equipped with major controls like a horn, stereo sound, etc. A good cover protects everything it contains and ensures you have access to various car controls. 

Thus, as a car owner, you must buy a durable cover for your driving wheel.

Top Features Of Steering Wheel Cover For Car

Every steering wheel cover is designed to provide great grip and protection. The market is full of different sizes and models of driving wheel covers. Each one has a different design, stitching, and size. Some of the common features of a car steering wheel you should look for while buying one are as follows:

Abrasion Resistant Material

All the modern covers for the steering wheel are made from abrasion-resistant material. These materials include Alcantara fabrics and eco-friendly leather. It means the cover easily withstands the wear and tear of friction caused during the drive. 

Moreover, each of these materials has its own features, like leather is durable and works fine in different conditions. Alcantara is soft and provides excellent grip at any air temperature.

Long-Lasting Stitching

The performance of any driving wheel cover depends on its stitching. It is responsible for holding the foam and other inner materials in position. Modern designers use the machine to stitch the cover. In addition, the layer of colored stitching adds durability to the cover. These threads are unbreakable and provide longer life to the steering wheel cover.

Sponge Pads

Sponge pads are responsible for providing comfort to the driver’s hands. These pads provide a soft thick layer of foam surrounding the driving wheel. Furthermore, it also reduces fatigue during long drives. Various covers have a dual layer of pads that easily conforms to the shape of your hands. 

Comes In Different Sizes

The covers for the driving wheel come in different sizes and shapes. Each size is designed to take care of driving needs. You can select the cover based on your car’s model and steering wheel needs. In addition, it has various designs with an elastic band that adds a unique feel to the car.

Ventilation Holes

The material used in the steering cover has ventilation holes in it. It makes the outer portion of the cover breathable and absorbs sweat during hot summer days. When you hold the steering for a longer time, it provides constant support during the turns. However, you will get the features of ventilation in modern covers only.

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How To Select The Size For Your Steering Wheel Cover?

You must consider various things while selecting the right car steering wheel cover. One of the important things is measuring the size of your steering wheel. Use the measuring tape to know the exact steering wheel cover size you need. Next, measure the diameter and thickness of the rim. The different available sizes of covers are as follows:

  • Small size: 13.8 to 14.5 inches (35 to 37 cm)
  • Medium size: 14.5 to 15.4 inches (37 to 39 cm)
  • Large size: 15.4 to 16.1 inches (39 to 41 cm)
  • Extra large: 16.1 to 17 inches (41 to 43 cm)

In addition, you need to determine the steering wheel cover’s color, material, and design as per your needs. 

How To Install A Cover On A Steering Wheel?

Once you buy the cover for a driving wheel, the next step is to install it. Anyone can install the steering wheel cover by following these simple steps:


Step 1- Clean Your Steering Wheel

First, clean the steering wheel with a vinyl cleaner to swipe up the dirt and bacteria. Also, avoid installing the cover in freezing temperatures. The lower temperature reduces the elasticity of the cover.

Step 2- Align The Cover In Position

Next, align the steering cover in the position. If you are using a stretched-style cover, use the dryer to blow the heat inside it. Also, adjust the top portion of the cover at the top of the steering and slide it firmly with your hands.

Step 3- Cover Both Sides

Once the upper part of the cover is properly slid in, use your fingers to stretch it on both sides. Continue the process until it covers the left and right sides of the steering wheel.

Step 4- Cover The Lower Part

Finally, cover the bottom part of the steering wheel. The process of covering the lowest part requires additional force from your side. Stretch the cover with full force until it fits on the driving wheel.

Best And Affordable Covers For Car Steering Wheel 

There are different types of steering wheel covers available in the market. But finding the best one that protects your driving wheel requires proper research. If you don’t know about car accessories, it might be difficult for you to select the right cover.

We at Vehicle Fantasy do the market research and select durable and high-quality driving wheel covers for you. We also share the product link so that you can buy it right now.

Black Stitched Steering Wheel Cover


The first cover in the list is the black stitched leather cover. It is one of the most demanding driving wheel covers for business-class cars. The diameter of this cover is 15 inches, which covers almost all standard steerings. There is also stitching work of black thread around its edges. 

Moreover, it has a holding frame for grip at the side of the cover, which is the size of a finger. It provides a stronger grip during turns and bumps. In addition, the leather used in the cover is polyurethane which keeps the temperature constant.

You can easily buy this steering wheel cover at an effective price of just $19.99. Moreover, you can also get fast shipping on all US orders and a money-back guarantee on defective pieces. 

Shop Your Black Stiched Steering Wheel Cover Now

Breathable Cloth Steering Wheel Cover


It is a steering wheel cover that soaks the sweat from hands in a few seconds. The diameter of this driving wheel cover is 15 inches, which fits all standard sizes of steering. It is a perfect cover for those who want a cloth material as a holding grip. Moreover, breathable material has high durability and works fine in different temperatures. There is also a cushion foam that surrounds the major part of the cover. It easily fits your hand when you rotate the steering during the turn. In addition, the breathable cloth steering wheel cover is made for long drives.

Get this cover at the discounted price of $16.99 from our site. It is a limited edition and can be out of stock anytime.

Shop Your Breathable Cloth Steering Wheel Cover

Rhinestone Steering Wheel Cover


Rhinestone is a modern steering wheel cover that shines at night. It is designed for people who want something different for their driving wheel. The leather used in this cover is polyurethane which is also known for its high quality. Its outer material is stitched with mini-rhinestones that provide a glamorous feel. The diameter of this cover for the steering wheel is 4.93 inches/38 cm. However, it is also essential to measure your driving wheel so that it fits easily. It is a perfect cover for those who want to add glam to the car’s interior. 

You can easily buy this steering wheel cover from our website at just $34.99. We support all types of online payment methods and credit/debit cards. Order it now and get fast shipping in the US and free returns.

Note: The stock of this driving wheel cover is limited, and can run out anytime. Order it as soon as possible by clicking the link below.

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Beige Polyurethane Leather Steering Wheel Wrap


This steering wheel wrap looks elegant from the outside. The beige polyurethane leather is durable and works fine at different temperatures. It keeps your steering from burning and peeling in the sunlight. Furthermore, the stitching around it provides durability to the inner foam.


Moreover, the outer portion of this cover has ventilation holes for absorbing sweat and moisture. It offers a stronger grip to the hands during long trips.

The beige leather cover for the driving wheel is available at just $17.99. We are providing a money-back guarantee and fast shipping on all US orders.

Shop Your Beige Polyurethane Leather Steering Wheel Cover Now


In conclusion, a good car steering wheel cover offers good grip and control. There are many advantages of using the cover for the driving wheel. Apart from protecting, this accessory adds a new look to the car’s interior. We have mentioned various steering wheel covers above.

Vehicle Fantasy has high-quality and durable covers for the car’s driving wheel. Additionally, we provide all types of car accessories at an affordable price with fast shipping on all US orders. Visit our website to explore and shop all the car accessories.

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