Why Do You Need A Car Seat Head Support For Your Baby?


Have you ever wondered how critical it is to support your baby’s head with a car seat head support? During your kid’s first few months of life, it is crucial to ensure that they have sufficient head support the whole time. Proper head support helps keep the infant steady and simpler to hold, preventing brain injuries and neck problems. 

Babies have limited control over their movements in the initial months. Newborn car seat head support, reclining car seats, and convertible car seats are a few essentials that help to ensure that your baby’s head is properly supported until they can hold it up on their own. In this blog, we will answer every query related to the newborn car seat head support

How To Support A Baby’s Head In A Car Seat?

In the car, babies’ heads must stay upright until they can support their weight. The head doesn’t need to remain stationary; it can move to the side. Their airway is extremely narrow, so they’ll require protection for several months. Follow the manufacturer’s recline recommendations to ensure their airway remains open.


The baby’s head won’t slump forward if the car seat is reclined. Many convertible car seats are safe in semi-reclined and fully upright positions for forward-facing children. If your vehicle’s back seats are reclined, you can utilize them to recline the car seat further. You would love to know that the infant car seat head support available at the Vehicle Fantasy website would help support your baby’s head. 

Another vital step in keeping your baby’s head up in the car seat is installing it by a qualified technician. If you insist on installing the head support yourself, get checked by a professional expert to ensure it is properly installed. 

When To Remove Infant Head Support In Car Seat?

Developing strong and healthy neck and head muscles are considered a significant milestone as it allows them to hold their head up. Studies reveal that your infant’s movement development is based on this milestone; once they can do that, they will have enough time to learn other major skills such as walking, crawling, and rolling over. Great head control also helps the baby perceive the world properly. Moreover, understanding developmental milestones in the initial months may help understand when to remove the infant head support for car seat


Being a parent, you would be aware that newborn babies have weak neck muscles. If you try to make babies sit without the car seat head support, the head will flip back. Sometimes, you will need to use your hands in the beginning. 

One Month Old

A newborn baby may try to pull their heads when lying on their stomachs. They might move their head slightly to one side before the head falls back to where it was. It has been observed that kids start raising their heads when they are around 4 to 12 weeks old, and it is funny to see their small push-ups. 

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Three Months Old

Infants should be able to lift their heads and the top of the chest. Also, they use their hands for support when they are on their stomach. When they turn three months old, they generally have ample strength to hold their head up while sitting in a car seat by this time. 

But, this generally doesn’t mean that you need to wait this long when taking head support for a baby out of a car seat. You can remove the head support for baby car seat once you feel that they can support their head well enough in the vehicle. This could be as soon as two months old or as late as five months old, or even longer. 

Why Choose Vehicle Fantasy?

Vehicle Fantasy is considered the best place if you need top-notch car accessories at the most affordable prices. You would love to know that we have the finest car seat head support available in numerous patterns. Let us find out more about the product. 

Baby Car Seat Head Support Band

It’s the perfect time to invest in something to keep your newborns still if you are worried about them moving their heads left and right while sleeping or falling asleep at weird neck angles. Keeping your child’s head still and in place in his stroller is significant during car rides. 

Moreover, prolonged sleep at incorrect angles and positions can affect the development and growth of your baby’s neck muscles and spine. Remember that these parts are still developing in newborns; thus, preventing uneven growth is crucial. 

You would love to know that our car seat head support features an elastic band with a buck and possesses a strap that can be adjusted conveniently. All you have to do is strap around your little one’s forehead so that their head will stay upright when they fall asleep. 

Furthermore, our car seat head support will help prevent your baby’s head from falling forward when they are sleeping. They are available in numerous patterns. Buy this car seat head support for only $18.99 to protect your kid’s head from rough bumps. 


Apart from car seat head support, you can browse a wide range of car accessories, organizers, and cleaning tools on the Vehicle Fantasy website. We strive to develop our products with a complete dedication to durability, quality, and functionality. Head over to our website to browse the finest products. 

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