Make Your Car Camping Trip Special With These Car Accessories


Car camping falls between “crawling in the back of a car” and “backpacking 15 km and sleeping under the stars.” Going outside and into the wilderness to practice your survival skills is one of life’s greatest adventures. While some may want to spend their summer days on an epic trek, the majority will settle for something a little more relaxed, such as camping. Camping is a great way to spend time outside while you can also spend time with your family enjoying jacuzzis, hammocks, and many more. In recent years, car camping has become increasingly popular. For a taste of adventure, people have been flocking to the great outdoors. Car camping is a fantastic option if you don’t want to spend money on hotels. Exploring nature from the comfort of your car has various advantages. Some of these could even surprise you. 

You Can Sleep Anywhere

Have you ever waited for hours on the road to get to your Airbnb or hotel and slump into bed? For automobile camping, this will not be an issue. When your vehicle serves as your temporary residence, you can slumber practically anywhere. You can take a cat nap somewhere near a  gas station or fast-food restaurant if you need a pick-me-up.

At a food store, you can even pull an all-nighter. Make sure you have window coverings and a comfortable place to sleep. Of course, you won’t enjoy a spectacular view from a supermarket parking lot, but at least you will have a bathroom when you wake up. Don’t forget that superstores in coastal areas won’t allow overnight parking and if you are headed to the beach; it is better to check in advance. 

You Can Carry Everything

You pack everything you need and carry it with you when you go on car camping. Furthermore, if you intend to sleep in your car, you will never have to unpack your belongings. Everything is exactly there how it should be. When camping, this makes it simple to leave no trace. You can dash back to your car if you forget something, and you can even seek shelter if the weather changes. Car camping allows you to carry additional chairs, carpets, and even a camping stove. You can make it as complicated or as basic as you want. Things can get untidy in a vehicle as it is small. However, car organizers are a wonderful way to keep your belongings organized during your stay.

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Car Camping Is Flexible

The most significant benefit of car camping is the ability to travel wherever you want, whenever you want. You have arrived at your location and don’t like what you see? Turn around and look for a different location. You arrived at your destination to switch on the radio and learn that a storm is approaching? Start the car and drive to a more pleasant climate. Car camping gives you the freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want.

You won’t have to scurry to locate anything different at the last minute if something unexpected occurs. With car camping, you can make fast runs to the grocery, the laundromat, or even the doctor without having to spend much time on the road. 

Gives The Comfort Of Home

When you camp in your car, you bring a little touch of luxury with you. You can bring an air mattress and sleep under the stars or in the rear seat, away from the pests.  You have enough room for a camp stove and a cooler to prepare fresh meals while enjoying the scenery. Hammocks, speakers, books, and even games could be packed to keep you amused during your downtime.

Extra batteries, water, and bug spray are all recommended. If you get the itch to stay longer, you have the space and equipment to do so. If you forget something important, drive up the road and fetch it. Car camping gives you complete flexibility to enjoy your trip on your terms. 

Thus, the most flexible and cost-effective method to enjoy the outdoors is through car camping. However, finding the best camping or road trip accessories for car can be one of the most tedious tasks. Considering this, we have brought you a thorough list of the best car accessories for camping trips available on the Vehicle Fantasy website. So, let’s find out more about the products without any delay. 

  • Mini USB Disco Light
  • Magnetic Triangle Phone Mount
  • Bluetooth Portable Speaker
  • Car Back Seat Organizer

Mini USB Disco Light

Brighten up your car with this fascinating USB disco light. This product can help you jump in the ocean of red, green, blue light. Moreover, you can flaunt your moves on your favorite songs with this disco light. 

You would love to know that this car accessory comes with three adapter heads and can easily be plugged into any smartphone, be it Moto, Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, or any other. The best part about it is that it features a built-in sound-activated sensor that activates when the music starts playing. 

It will start partying the moment you are ready, and the colorful lights will start grooving to the beats of your favorite music. Furthermore, it is quite handy; it only measures 1.38 x 1.85 in ( L x W) and can easily be carried on any car camping trip. What are you waiting for? Buy this funky car accessory for only $14.99 from the Vehicle Fantasy website. 


Magnetic Triangle Phone Mount

It is essential to see your navigation maps when driving in unknown territory. That can be made simple by mounting your phone to your car’s windshield or dashboard, freeing up your hands to control the steering wheel. 

You can keep your smartphone in place while driving without any fear and listen to your favorite songs and take important calls. It is not at all bulky; it measures 1.6 x 2 inches, making it one of the finest car accessories for long trips. Moreover, the four built-in magnets ensure a strong attraction. Buy this phone mount for only $14.99 from the website to enjoy your car camping trip. 


Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Nothing is better to make the most of your trip experience than to listen to your favorite music while doing so, right? Music is an excellent way to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. Furthermore, music can reveal a lot about the culture and diversity of the place you are going to.   

This Bluetooth portable speaker will help you maintain the spirit of celebration. Moreover, it will keep you connected with your family and friends. The best part about the car accessory is that it can give up to three hours of sound support when fully charged. 

If you are not tech-savvy and prevent yourself from using Bluetooth, you would love to know that this portable speaker also supports USBs, micro SD cards, mp3 players, and iPods. Furthermore, you can switch to FM radio to know about your current place. 

The outer part of the speaker is covered in cloth mesh, making it water-resistant, while a smooth plastic base provides more support. It measures 6.3 x 3 x 3 inches ( L x W x H) and weighs only 1.12 pounds. This car accessory is priced at only $38.99 on the Vehicle Fantasy website. 


Car Back Seat Organizer

Car organizers come with a slew of benefits. One of them is that you will have extra space and will be able to add your items easily. Many spots in your car, such as the dashboard shelves, the bag behind the seat, and others, can sometimes be insufficient for storing your belongings. However, you can enjoy your car camping trip peacefully by adding extra space with car organizers. 

This car organizer measures 24 x 16 inches and features six mesh pockets to keep your stuff such as snacks, candies, toys, electronic items, and much more quite easily. It is made with black non-woven fabric that goes well with any car’s interiors. Moreover, it is waterproof, making it one of the best essential car accessories for road trip or camping. It is priced at only $28.99 on the Vehicle Fantasy website. 


On the Vehicle Fantasy website, you can also browse more road trip car accessories to make your car camping trips quite special and pleasant. Our products feature stylish designs and are made with the finest materials. We strive to manufacture our products with a complete dedication to durability, quality, and functionality. Visit our website if you have any queries regarding our products. 

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