Prevent Stains And Bad Odors With This Dog Car Seat Cover


Just like humans, dogs also get quite excited when going for a road trip, and at some point or another, you will have to take your dog for a ride in your car. Some of you must be doing this regularly to visit dog parks or explore the outdoors. Some dogs are generally not huge fans of car rides, so people take them along whenever necessary. Whatever the case may be, your dog will be riding along with you from time to time. Therefore, it becomes quite important to have a good dog seat cover. There is no doubt in the fact that because some people see dog seat covers as a mere accessory. However, we need to see them as an essential car tool. Any dog owner can take advantage of a seat cover when riding with a furry friend. If you are unsure about its advantages, read on to learn a bit more. Lastly, we will look at the most alluring and durable dog car seat cover by Vehicle Fantasy. 

Prevents Lingering Stains And Odors

If you are a dog owner, you agree that unpleasant odors are the worst. Accidents have to happen now and then, and your dog may suddenly make a mess in your vehicle. Unfortunately, these unpredictable situations can lead to unpleasant stains and odors that remain for hours into the interior of your seats. People typically use air fresheners and scrub their interiors. However, this cannot be the perfect solution for your car. 

That’s exactly why a dog car seat cover comes in handy for any dog owner. Experts suggest going for a waterproof back seat cover for dogs to help control odors and strains can be a great option. Also, make some effort and look for a cover that is machine washable. If your pup has an accident or gets carsick, you can simply cover and clean it per the manufacturer’s instructions. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with persistent odors and scrubbing problems. 

Reduces The Amount Of Dirt And Hair

Like other dogs, your dog may also love to hop in the car and go for a ride. While it’s quite obvious that traveling with our furry companions will be quite fun. However, it can result in a bit of mess as well. Almost every breed is furry, and their hair is likely to stick to a car’s interior, such as mats, floors, and seats. Also, if your pup loves playing, the dirt on his paws is certainly going to get all over your car. This means you have to spend scrubbing, time vacuuming, and lint rolling to clean up. No one wants to do this, right? 

Back seat cover for dogs eliminates such issues entirely covering the back seat. You can turn your seat cover in a hammock style as they offer full coverage. Moreover, your dog will not come into direct contact with the seat floors, mats, and fabrics. You just have to wash the cover whenever you feel it’s getting a bit hairy. 

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Reduces Sliding And Slipping

When your pup sits in the backseat of your car, there is a great chance it will jump and wobble around. This is true when you have a tiny Yorkie or a huge Mastiff; we know that it will happen. The fabric of your vehicle’s seats is made to keep a dog in place, and you can’t really put a seatbelt on your pup. The best dog car seat cover will resolve all your issues. 

Great seat covers are made from slip-resistant materials, so you don’t have to think about the safety and comfort of your dog. Look for seat covers that have slip-resistant materials on the bottom. You would love to know that Vehicle Fantasy has the perfect dog car seat cover. Your dog can relax without wobbling and feeling restless with our seat cover. Moreover, the pup will feel quite secure and good.

Prevent Damage To Your Car’s Interior

Generally, a polyester or leather car interior is designed to be chewed or scratched. These materials are quite durable, but it does not make them resistant to the craziness of your dog. Let’s say that your dog finds a bit of food stuck to the seat; the pup will begin to feel a bit anxious during the car and will surely start to chew or scratch the car’s interior. Moreover, it is not always feasible to stop your dog every time from causing inconvenience. 

You all know that scratching and chewing can cause so much damage, and it can sometimes be quite costly to repair. The best dog car seat cover helps create a solid barrier between your dog, seats, and flooring. Moreover, the durable materials used in the seat cover can withstand toughness and pressure. 

Offers More Space

People generally use a crate when they transport their dog in the vehicle. It makes a lot of sense as it keeps your pet quite secure during rides and prevents the pup from making a mess. Unlike a crate, a dog car seat cover offers a lot of space to stretch legs in the car. 

Moreover, finding a happy medium for you and your pup becomes quite important. That is why it is better to go with dog car seat covers. Apart from keeping your car’s interiors clean, it removes the possibility of your dog becoming uncomfortable during long rides.

Keeps Your Dog Safe 

Let’s be honest; no one keeps their cars in pristine condition 100 percent of the time. Also, having belongings, food, and other items in vehicles could cause problems if you are riding with your dog. For instance, your kids have left a few candy bars lying in the back seat, or you have forgotten your favorite snacks, your dog would sniff these items out. Moreover, there is a huge potential for a devastating situation. The car back seat dog cover by Vehicle Fantasy will prevent your pet from sniffing around the floor. Moreover, it will add some cushioning to keep your dog warm and cozy. 

You must be eagerly waiting for the seat cover made with top-notch fabrics by Vehicle Fantasy. So, without any further ado, let’s find out more about the product. 

Dog Car Seat Cover

If you love going on long drives with your beloved friends and dog, this seat cover can be a great option. With this product, you will be tension free and bring your dogs along for road trips, hikes, or beach trips. It will protect your car’s interiors from hair, drool, and scratches. 

It is made with soft cotton, 600D polyester Oxford fabric, and thermoplastic polyurethane. Moreover, the waterproof coating prevents stains. The best part about the product is that the hammock-like design features quilt-stitch detailing, making it quite breathable. It also features two built-in pockets, allowing you to store your favorite snacks and belongings. It is priced at only $58.99 on the Vehicle Fantasy website. 

Look for these features before buying a dog car seat cover. Apart from dog car seat cover, Vehicle Fantasy has a wide range of car organizers, accessories, and cleaning products available at the most affordable prices. All our products are made of top-notch materials. Head over to our website if you have any queries regarding our products. 

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