What Are The Top Benefits Of Having A Phone Mount In Your Car?


The majority of car accidents nowadays are caused by people talking on their phones while driving. Talking on the phone or using it for anything else while driving is extremely dangerous since it forces you to become distracted and lose focus, resulting in a tragic accident. In reality, due to an increase in the frequency of road accidents caused by distracted driving, the penalty has been increased by the traffic police to combat the problem. As a result, it is critical not to use your phone while driving to maintain the highest level of safety and attention to the road.

Technology has become so involved in our lives that it is difficult to picture life without it, even for a day or an hour. Smartphones are one such example of technology without which humans could not imagine spending a single day primarily because of their quality to stay linked to the rest of the world at any moment, even while driving. 

You can, however, use premium and multi-utility phone mounts to answer calls, browse Google maps, read emails, and complete other tasks without having to hold your phone in your hands. A car phone holder is a lifesaver for all avid smartphone users who also enjoy shooting videos while driving. Multiple reasons propel one to buy a phone mount for your car. Let us find out some major benefits of phone car mount

No one can deny the significance of GPS for navigation. While using the GPS to get to one’s destination is simple, constantly taking up the phone to check routes or directions while driving might be inconvenient.

On the other hand, a phone car mount can make the process considerably easier. Simply turn on the GPS, enter the coordinates, and secure the phone in the mount, and you are ready to go. By doing so, one can easily and quickly follow the instructions.

Distractions Free Driving 

Not all, but at least 90% of all road accidents are caused by distraction, and the most common source of distraction is a cell phone. It necessitates extreme concentration while driving on the road, as even the tiniest error can endanger one’s life.

If you are talking on your phone while driving, you won’t be able to focus on the road, leading to fatal accidents. Using a phone mount can substantially alleviate this issue. Simply install your phone on the mount and enjoy distraction-free driving. You don’t have to hold the phone in one hand while moving the driving wheel with the other. 

Hands-Free Music

Investing in a cell phone mount if you enjoy listening to music while driving is one of the best decisions you can make. All you have to do is mount the phone, pair it with the vehicle’s Bluetooth, then press the button to start the music and enjoy your journey.  

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Secures Your Phone

A sudden stop or a sharp bend can send your phone flying if you are one of those folks who keep their phone on the dashboard or in the passenger seat. Alternatively, you may have developed the habit of tossing your phone somewhere upon getting into your car, forcing you to waste time later looking for it. A car phone mount can handle these two issues. 

A phone mount keeps your phone secure, so you know where it is at all times. You will never have to dig around behind your seat again while driving or risk your phone smashing as it falls off the dashboard.

These were just four of the key benefits of using a car phone mount, but the list of benefits is endless. If you want to harness the full potential of a car mount, invest in a high-quality phone mount for your vehicle. Now you must be wondering where to buy phone car mount. Don’t worry; we have got an exciting range of phone mounts available on the Vehicle Fantasy website. So, without any further ado, let’s find more about them. 

  • Magnetic Triangle Phone Mount
  • Air-Freshening Car Vent Phone Holder
  • Circular Magnetic Phone Mount

Magnetic Triangle Phone Mount

With the durable and dependable performance of this magnetic triangle phone mount, you can keep your phone in place while driving. The best part about this phone mount is that it features a ball joint at its base, which helps rotate the phone for a better viewing experience. It measures 1.6 x 1.2 inches. Furthermore, the four built-in magnets on the base ensure a potent attraction. Buy this magnetic phone mount for car for only $14.99 from the Vehicle Fantasy website. 


Air-Freshening Car Vent Phone Holder

Ever thought of a device that possesses features of both a car air freshener and a phone mount? Your answer must be a big no. However, this phone mount creates a pleasant driving experience with free air and hand-free phone use. The highlight of the phone mount is that it features a 360-degree swivel which helps map viewing more conveniently. The phone mount is priced at only $15.99 on the Vehicle Fantasy website to add sweet fragrance and a sturdy phone-holding help at the same time. 


Circular Magnetic Phone Mount

Strong and dependable phone-hold support is just a sticker away. You won’t believe that this Circular Magnetic Phone Mount features magnets that provide a steady and strong hold to your phone during driving on rough terrains. The built-in 360-degree support helps to move the phone quite freely. The holder is made of pure metal, while four strong magnets ensure rock-solid absorption. You would love to know that this phone mount supports phones ranging from 4 to 7 inches in size. Buy it for only $14.99 from the website. 

Circular Magnetic Phone Mount

Head over to the Vehicle Fantasy website if you want to browse some more alluring phone mounts. Apart from this, we have a wide range of car accessories, organizers, and cleaning tools available at the most affordable prices. We are known for manufacturing products in stunning designs with the finest materials. 


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